Sunday School

Here at kingdom way, we offer weekly Sunday school classes because we believe it is important for a Christ follower to grow in their relationship with the word of God and in their relationship with the lord.

We have age specific classes to better disciple and guide our members through each stage of their life.

we have classes for:

  1. Children 5 and Below (pre-school)
  2. 6-10 years old (Elementary)
  3. 11-13 years of (Middle School Age)
  4. 14-17(High School Age)
  5. 18-25(College Age)
  6. 25 and over (Adult classes)

Our Sunday School is one the most edifying classes with easy to follow bible study guide, books, age specific curriculum and engaging lessons brought to you by our most qualified teachers. for more information on how to enroll your kids or yourself into one of the classes, please speak with one of our Sunday school leaders.